You're considering buying a property in Mallorca?

Are you confident that you can determine the appropriate value of your ideal home?

Are you fully aware of the risks involved when buying a house on Mallorca? Damp walls, low quality building materials, missing official documents are just some of the possible pitfalls which can spoil the enjoyment of your 'new' property. A professional advisor can eliminate the risk involved in such an investment. For you, buying a house is a big decision. For us, advising property buyers and evaluating properties is part of our daily routine.

mallorca-research - Your personal property advisor.

We are offering a service previously unavailable in Mallorca, which has its origins in the USA. We advise house-buyers before purchasing their ideal property and continue to advise them right up until their appointment with the notary and the finalisation of the deal. We are also available for post purchase consultation.

Property definition, property search and price negotiation with the seller / estate agent is our speciality.

What sets us apart from the others: An all inclusive price which you will certainly find well worth while.